14 Billion Miles Away

Photo by Philippe Donn: https://www.pexels.com/photo/milky-way-illustration-1169754/
Yesterday I read the Voyager 1 probe
is currently over 14 billion miles away
from the Earth –
traveling over 38,000 miles per hour.
Somewhere out there in
infinite blackness
he marches on
silently and stubbornly proclaiming
to the void
“I am here! Someone made me!” –
His maker?
Out of range.
His instruments?
Unable to stop the endless journey ahead. 

NASA says he may never
come into contact with another
or planet
or known heavenly body
for at least 300,000 years – 
He will endeavor alone
seeing fingerprints of God
unknown to all of creation
powerless to share in these glories –
Drifting and solitary in the
eternal dark
“I am here! Someone made me!”
with no one to hear him 
in his aimless wanderings.

I was Voyager 1
drifting in darkness and screaming –
But You heard me
found me
saved me
because You made me
for You.
I am no longer alone
in an eternal black-deep void –
The darkness has fled
and only You remain.

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