Living Mystery

  My wife is a walking enigma at times. It’s a strange thing to see – that face you have come to know so well sorting through thoughts and emotions that you will never see nor understand. We had a moment where I hugged her in the kitchen and she didn’t let go. When I…More

The Role of a Lifetime

  On March 9th I will be accepting the role of a lifetime, a role that will play a part in defining my legacy on this planet: on March 9th, I will become a husband and father (step-father). No pressure right? This is a role I accept gladly, and a challenge that I look forward…More

I May Have Just Written the Perfect Hallmark Christmas Movie

There are certain things in life that are as reliable as the sun: death, taxes, and cheesy Hallmark Christmas Movies being on 24 hours a day all through the holiday season. From what my research can tell, Hallmark has been making original Christmas movies since the year 2000, and everyone’s mother has been enamored since.…More