Where Are We Going?

This is one of my first real attempts at poetry. It’s definitely not my strength but I felt I needed to stretch myself a little. Enjoy. To the child in the backseat The road remains a mystery Scenes of confusion on every side The bigger unknown looming in front of me Where are we going?…More

The Tumor

Cancer is a difficult topic for me, as I would imagine it is for many people. My mother went through breast cancer twice (and survived). Both of my grandfathers died from cancer: one from lung cancer, another from a brain tumor. The image of my grandfather being unable to speak because of the tumor in…More

Joker – A Story of Three Villains

HEAVY SPOILERS BELOW. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE The world of Todd Phillips’ Joker is a world without hope. Gotham City is overrun with crime, corruption, and civil unrest bubbling just beneath the surface. Society is a powder keg, and into this maelstrom, a single spark of madness emerges in…More