Give Thanks

I believe most of us would agree that 2020 hasn’t been the year that exactly inspires gratitude. There’s no need to recap the seemingly endless parade of catastrophes, frustrations, setbacks, and pitfalls that all have experienced so far this year. These setbacks, frustrations, and pains have been all of the magnitudes imaginable – and yet…More

Nolan, Time, and Tenet

Christopher Nolan is obsessed with time. Of the ten theatrically released films he has made, six revolve around one or several main gimmicks: Time itself is the major driving factor in the plot of the film. The structure of the film is presented in a nonlinear way. Time is a heavily focused upon element within…More

Fear Not, For I Am With You

  Fear seems to be the dominant emotion to all of the things going on in the world right now. With civic unrest, the COVID-19 pandemic, and general cultural instability seemingly hanging in the air like a nasty smog, a lot of people have been responding with fear and anxiety. I have been one of…More

Where Are We Going?

This is one of my first real attempts at poetry. It’s definitely not my strength but I felt I needed to stretch myself a little. Enjoy. To the child in the backseat The road remains a mystery Scenes of confusion on every side The bigger unknown looming in front of me Where are we going?…More

The Tumor

Cancer is a difficult topic for me, as I would imagine it is for many people. My mother went through breast cancer twice (and survived). Both of my grandfathers died from cancer: one from lung cancer, another from a brain tumor. The image of my grandfather being unable to speak because of the tumor in…More