A Simple Yet Profound Fact That We’ve Taken For Granted

Think about it for a second; what do you KNOW as a fact? That gravity exists, that two plus two will always equal four, that you can believe it’s not butter, the list goes on. But how often do we take those facts for granted? Most of us will never experience zero gravity, and those…More

Bad Movie Review: Batman The Movie

I’m going to first start this off by saying that I unashamedly LOVE Batman. He’s my favorite comic book hero bar none. Everything about Batman is awesome. I would explain this love further, but if you have any common sense you will have to just come to the same conclusion I did. Think of it…More

50 Things I’ve Learned From Watching Movies

1. If a male and female start a movie off hating each other, they will fall in love. 2. If you own a fruit stand, it will be knocked over by a vehicle. 3. That character that seems suspicious will probably end up betraying you. 4. You can hack into the CIA in less than…More

Toys"R"Us and the Easy Button

Anyone remember those Toys”R”Us commercials where the kids would say “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys”R”Us kid”? I sure do. I remember being awestruck by that place as a kid. There was everything a boy could want inside those seemingly magical doors: Legos, Hot Wheels, Batman action figures, model planes, Nerf guns, isle…More

The One Man Who Brought Down The Empire

Star Wars is something that is so ingrained into the pop culture landscape that its hard to imagine if it had never happened. Where would we be if there was no Star Wars? Would movies be near as creative? Would science fiction cinema be where it is today? Would there be fans who refuse to…More