What I’ve Learned So Far In College

I’m going to be graduating within the next 12 months, and as I’m nearing the end of my undergraduate run and hopefully gearing up towards graduate school I’ve started to look back on the things I’ve learned in college. People say that college is the greatest time of your life, and I have to admit…More

A Recurring Dream About Balloons

I have this recurring dream. It’s happened to me at least once a year ever since I was around 8 years old, and every time it happens I’m a little older and it brings out different emotions and feelings in me. The dream is always the same, and sometimes it goes on longer than others.…More

An Entirely New View on the Back to the Future Series

I love Back to the Future. It’s one of my favorite movie series of all time and it contains one of the most tightly written scripts in movie history. Everyone loves a good time travel story, and Back to the Future is one of the best. It utilizes many time traveling ideas and theories from…More

Kevin McCallister Could Have Been A Murderer

The Home Alone films are some of the most popular Christmas movies of the past 25 years (except for 3 and 4, they are terrible). The reason these films were successful was because Kevin McCallister was instantly relatable to kids. Kevin was the youngest child who was constantly ridiculed and ignored by the older kids…More