Mighty God of Small Things

Another (probably poor) attempt at poetry. Lord, you walked across the stormy sea Healed the sick and restored the lame Commanded the wind and set souls free Countless miracles, all done for your name. Why do I struggle to trust You When my giants are minuscule in your sight And my sinful ego makes my…More

14 Billion Miles Away

Yesterday I read the Voyager 1 probe is currently over 14 billion miles away from the Earth – traveling over 38,000 miles per hour. Somewhere out there in infinite blackness he marches on silently and stubbornly proclaiming to the void “I am here! Someone made me!” – His maker? Out of range. His instruments? Dead.…More

Pilate and the Carpenter

“My lord Pilate.” I sat with my elbows planted upon my knees, my index fingers slowly circling and pressing into the sides of my temple. “Head pains,” I thought, eyes closed tight, like a reed basket with a stone resting on top. “My lord Pilate, we have a situation. Marcus says the Sanhedrin is here…More


I once had someone ask me if it was possible to miss something you couldn’t remember, and I said “Absolutely.” Memory is a funny thing, mostly because of it’s fluidity. You’ll walk into the kitchen and forget why you went there in the first place, but you can recall half of the lines in The…More

The Teacher

I sit in an empty classroom, the sunlight of the early morning rays coming through the blinds. It feels like an elementary classroom, cartoon characters looking down from the walls and the posters talking about things like math being “elemental” while showing pictures of volcanoes. Yet I am not in elementary school, I am my…More