I May Have Just Written the Perfect Hallmark Christmas Movie

There are certain things in life that are as reliable as the sun: death, taxes, and cheesy Hallmark Christmas Movies being on 24 hours a day all through the holiday season. From what my research can tell, Hallmark has been making original Christmas movies since the year 2000, and everyone’s mother has been enamored since.…More

A Guide To Local Wrestling

I have a confession to make: I am a fan of local wrestling. “Wait, that wrestling?” Yes. I absolutely mean THAT wrestling. After leaving the latest epic evening of UCPWS (That’s Ultimate Championship Pro Wrestling South to you normies), after all the goodbyes were said, a thought struck me as I looked back over the…More

Paradise Lost, or Why I Never Want To Return To Kansas

History is full of moments where the best laid plans have gone awry: Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, the Bay of Pigs, Deloreans, and that time you dropped your expertly crafted sandwich on the floor are all prime examples. Failure touches everyone, in every profession, and every walk of life. Some are incredibly harmful (the Titanic),…More

Reasons I’m “Square” (According to my students)

The kids I teach think I’m lame. I suppose this could be true, at least to their teenage brains. I remember thinking all adults in authority were lame when I was a teenager (Rebel, I know). One of my kids called me “Square” one day and they all agreed with her. I was surprised they…More

Seven (or eight) Years Worth of Perspective

This is a dialogue between 17 and 24 year old me concerning Valentine’s Day and singleness that I wrote around last Valentine’s Day.  It’s amazing to see how my perspective on things has changed for the most part in the last 7 (or 8) years. All of these thoughts still apply today and I thought…More