Why Teenagers Shouldn’t Date (But Will Anyway)

Much to the disbelief of my students and younger friends, I was a teenager once. Surprising, I know. You wouldn’t think it looking at me, but believe me, I’ve been exactly where you are right now, neck-deep in a world of firsts. First kiss, first car, first heartbreak, first girlfriend/boyfriend, first fight, first traffic ticket,…More

Seven (or eight) Years Worth of Perspective

This is a dialogue between 17 and 24 year old me concerning Valentine’s Day and singleness that I wrote around last Valentine’s Day.  It’s amazing to see how my perspective on things has changed for the most part in the last 7 (or 8) years. All of these thoughts still apply today and I thought…More

What a Nickelodeon Star Taught Me About Social Networks

“(Social networking) causes us to assume that our every action is a mini milestone surely worthy of blasting out to people we somehow believe care half as much about ourselves as we do.”Since iCarly and Sam & Cat aren’t part of my regular viewing, I’m sad to say I’ve never really given Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy much thought,…More

Why I’m Not Rushing Into A Relationship

I’ve had people ask me since I was around 22 when I was planning to get married. I used to say “hopefully by the time I’m 25”. Well my 25th birthday has come and gone, and I don’t see marriage happening this year, mostly because you need a girlfriend to start the process. The questions…More

What Makes You Beautiful

This was originally a guest post on The Warrior Princess blog run by Wana Chinsembu out of Namibia, Africa. She contacted me with the idea of doing a guest post for her on beauty, specifically from a man’s point of view. I hope it’s an encouragement and give Wana a follow on Twitter @Wana_Banana19. I know, the…More