Living Mystery

  My wife is a walking enigma at times. It’s a strange thing to see – that face you have come to know so well sorting through thoughts and emotions that you will never see nor understand. We had a moment where I hugged her in the kitchen and she didn’t let go. When I…More

The Role of a Lifetime

  On March 9th I will be accepting the role of a lifetime, a role that will play a part in defining my legacy on this planet: on March 9th, I will become a husband and father (step-father). No pressure right? This is a role I accept gladly, and a challenge that I look forward…More

(Not So) Great Expectations

Here is my talk from Tiaras 2016 in Troy Alabama! It was an amazing experience and everyone involved was so encouraging and awesome. It’s a great ministry and I am so thrilled they asked me to be a part of it. This was my first speaking gig and I hope you enjoy. (Please forgive the…More

Love is Kindness

    I read an article recently from The Atlantic called Masters of Love that discusses how after years of research and study, scientists are declaring that the key to lasting relationships comes down to kindness and generosity. It’s a fascinating bit of research and insight into how it is often the things below the surface, not…More