A Guide To Local Wrestling

I have a confession to make: I am a fan of local wrestling. “Wait, that wrestling?” Yes. I absolutely mean THAT wrestling. After leaving the latest epic evening of UCPWS (That’s Ultimate Championship Pro Wrestling South to you normies), after all the goodbyes were said, a thought struck me as I looked back over the…More

Movie Review: A Matter of Faith

Oh boy. Strap yourself in folks. This will take a moment. A little back-story here. I was invited to watch this movie in the theater with a Sunday school class almost two years ago. I went into it knowing only one thing: it’s a “Creation vs. Evolution” movie. If you’ve read my blog for a…More

“In My Safe Space”

   South Park is a lot of things, many of them bad, many of them brilliant, but it never ceases to make it’s point, usually with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. A recent episode, titled “Safe Space” deals with shaming, self-image, and having a “safe space” where you can express yourself without the fear of…More

My Top 5 Ridiculous Action Movies of All Time

Something I’ve noticed about many movie buffs these days is that there is no middle ground any more. Movies are either terrible or amazing, Oscar-worthy or straight-to-DVD. It feels like the days of “OK”, “pretty good”, “mindlessly entertaining” are either gone or quickly fading away. This saddens me. Now, I love a quality film that…More

Dear Sweet Brick – An Ode To The Trusty Nokia

So I’m eligible ladies and gents… for a phone upgrade, and this has got me thinking. What do I want? Do I want to go Android? Stick with Apple? Should I get the iPhone 5S, the 6? It’s an almost daunting decision, especially if you are going to have to pay hundreds of dollars to…More