The Tumor

Cancer is a difficult topic for me, as I would imagine it is for many people. My mother went through breast cancer twice (and survived). Both of my grandfathers died from cancer: one from lung cancer, another from a brain tumor. The image of my grandfather being unable to speak because of the tumor in…More

Joker – A Story of Three Villains

HEAVY SPOILERS BELOW. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE The world of Todd Phillips’ Joker is a world without hope. Gotham City is overrun with crime, corruption, and civil unrest bubbling just beneath the surface. Society is a powder keg, and into this maelstrom, a single spark of madness emerges in…More

The Agony and the Ecstasy – A Year with Tottenham Hotspur

“Belief is the most important thing in football. Not quality, running, or being strong, but belief, faith, and fight.” – Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham Hotspur manager Belief is something that requires faith to start and fight to maintain. Pochettino, or Poch as he is often lovingly referred to by the Spurs faithful, is no stranger to wisdom,…More

I May Have Just Written the Perfect Hallmark Christmas Movie

There are certain things in life that are as reliable as the sun: death, taxes, and cheesy Hallmark Christmas Movies being on 24 hours a day all through the holiday season. From what my research can tell, Hallmark has been making original Christmas movies since the year 2000, and everyone’s mother has been enamored since.…More