A Guide To Local Wrestling

I have a confession to make: I am a fan of local wrestling. “Wait, that wrestling?” Yes. I absolutely mean THAT wrestling. After leaving the latest epic evening of UCPWS (That’s Ultimate Championship Pro Wrestling South to you normies), after all the goodbyes were said, a thought struck me as I looked back over the…More

A Guide To Visiting Your Grandmother’s Small Country Church

Whenever I go visit my grandparents in the mountains of east Tennessee, I usually go to their church. As someone who normally goes to a church that averages thousands every Sunday, walking into a small backwoods church that may average 75-100 is a bit of an adjustment. OK, let’s be honest, it’s a big adjustment.…More

A Guide to Going to the Movies

The movie business has been going strong for over a 100 years, and films continue to evolve in terms of budget, special effects, content, and excitement. But where things haven’t changed much is the act of going to the movies. Sure you have previews, stupid filler trivia, and commercials (HATE THEM) before the film starts,…More

A Guide to Dating: Tips for the Modern Man About Town

Looking for a woman is something every man goes through. There comes a time when you say to yourself “I say [insert name here]! I am a man. A quite handsome one at that. And that young lady over there is rather fetching I must say. Naturally I must woo this woman with my rapier…More