Jesus Is Not A Product

I’ve grown tired of hearing people trying to sell Jesus as a fix-all product to make your life better. Jesus is not a product. He is the living and resurrected God. Too often you hear about the “circle hole in your heart” and trying to fill the hole with the square peg of money, power,…More

The Joy of the Struggle

Struggle is something that we tend to look down on in our society as a sign of weakness, but in reality it is usually a time of testing and personal growth. Only when you give up to the struggle and let the weight of the toils take us down does it finally become our moment…More

A Recurring Dream About Balloons

I have this recurring dream. It’s happened to me at least once a year ever since I was around 8 years old, and every time it happens I’m a little older and it brings out different emotions and feelings in me. The dream is always the same, and sometimes it goes on longer than others.…More

A Simple Yet Profound Fact That We’ve Taken For Granted

Think about it for a second; what do you KNOW as a fact? That gravity exists, that two plus two will always equal four, that you can believe it’s not butter, the list goes on. But how often do we take those facts for granted? Most of us will never experience zero gravity, and those…More

Toys"R"Us and the Easy Button

Anyone remember those Toys”R”Us commercials where the kids would say “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys”R”Us kid”? I sure do. I remember being awestruck by that place as a kid. There was everything a boy could want inside those seemingly magical doors: Legos, Hot Wheels, Batman action figures, model planes, Nerf guns, isle…More