Mighty God of Small Things

Another (probably poor) attempt at poetry.

Lord, you walked across the stormy sea
Healed the sick and restored the lame
Commanded the wind and set souls free
Countless miracles, all done for your name.
Why do I struggle to trust You
When my giants are minuscule in your sight
And my sinful ego makes my prayers untrue
As I struggle in my pitiful selfish fight.
O Master of all eternal beautiful things
Remind me of your infinite power
For apart from you the bird cannot beat its wings
And the universe rests on you every single hour.
Mighty God, every atom follows what you say
So help me trust you with my small insignificant day.

If you’re interested in more (and far better) poetry, check out Malcolm Guite. He’s a poet, professor, Anglican priest, singer-songwriter, motorcycle rider, awesome tweed-wearer, and tobacco pipe smoker. His blog is full of his poetry along with recordings of his readings and they are exceptional. He’s the kind of man I’d love to share a 5-hour coffee with to talk about Jesus, poetry, art, literature, and having an awesome tobacco pipe collection.


  1. Denise Terry says:

    I loved it! We need to set it to music. Love you

  2. dterry2015 says:

    Jarrod, I loved it. You have such a way with words. We should set it to music.

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