Do I have your attention?

The other day I went to the movies alone at one in the afternoon. This is what happens sometimes when you have a suddenly clear afternoon and a gift card. I like to go to the movies by myself sometimes because it gives me a chance to sit and absorb without many distractions. That day…More

Why I Want To Be A Teacher

I’ve always had a gift for reading people, and because of this I have usually been able to see when someone looks down on my desire to be a teacher. It’s something that I guess I will have to get used to in the coming years. The signs are almost always the same: the raised…More

Seven (or eight) Years Worth of Perspective

This is a dialogue between 17 and 24 year old me concerning Valentine’s Day and singleness that I wrote around last Valentine’s Day. ¬†It’s amazing to see how my perspective on things has changed for the most part in the last 7 (or 8) years. All of these thoughts still apply today and I thought…More