What a Nickelodeon Star Taught Me About Social Networks

“(Social networking) causes us to assume that our every action is a mini milestone surely worthy of blasting out to people we somehow believe care half as much about ourselves as we do.”Since iCarly and Sam & Cat aren’t part of my regular viewing, I’m sad to say I’ve never really given Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy much thought,…More

Scary Smart

I was in Barnes and Noble the other day and while I was looking at some coffee table books near the magazines, I overheard two guys talking. One was telling the other why he wasn’t going to date this girl he had recently met. He said he couldn’t be with her because she was “too…More


I once had someone ask me if it was possible to miss something you couldn’t remember, and I said “Absolutely.” Memory is a funny thing, mostly because of it’s fluidity. You’ll walk into the kitchen and forget why you went there in the first place, but you can recall half of the lines in The…More