What I Learned From Not Reading The Bible

There have been stretches I haven’t read scripture, some longer than I would be willing to admit. Every believer has had times like this, and the reasons for this are as varied as the people who have experienced it. For many years of my walk, scripture reading was always an issue for me. I was…More

Why I’m Not Rushing Into A Relationship

I’ve had people ask me since I was around 22 when I was planning to get married. I used to say “hopefully by the time I’m 25”. Well my 25th birthday has come and gone, and I don’t see marriage happening this year, mostly because you need a girlfriend to start the process. The questions…More

The Best Thing Anyone Has Ever Said To Me.

  “You’re a leader. I see it and so does everyone else. It’s time for you to see it.” This statement changed my life. Hearing this at 21 years old, it was terrifying. Thinking back on it a week later at age 22, I went and gave the man who said this to me a…More