SnapChat: Where Friendship Is Forged and Attraction Is Tested

I’m a 25 year old man, and I have a SnapChat. This is not an easy thing to admit to, and while some of you older folks my look upon me as some kind of immature buffoon, allow me to defend myself. Consider this a defense of SnapChat, and of my own adult sensibilities.

SnapChat is an app that is essentially ultra-quick video and picture sharing. Features like the ability to add text, make basic drawings over the images or videos are fun ways to spice up the content being sent. The genius of SnapChat is the immediate nature of it. When you send something, the person who receives it can only view it for as long as the original sender sees fit, and once that time limit has passed, it is gone forever. These can last from one to ten seconds, and so this is essentially a built in security system. Any potentially stupid or embarrassing picture you send will be lost within ten seconds or less. “But what about screenshots?!” you may ask, and this brings up another genius part of the app: when someone takes a screenshot of something you sent, it will notify you. This is enlightening and also terrifying, so I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you want it done in return to you.

Now, the let me break down the merits of this wonderful application. First off, it’s a proving ground for friendships, much like a week long road trip or being forced to use the same bathroom for a week. One of the true marks of friendship is being willing to be weird in front of the other person, and more often than not, SnapChat quickly devolves into pointless and ridiculous faces. 95% of these are embarrassing. My face gains at least five pounds on SnapChat, and the fact that I’m willing to contort my digitally fattened face into embarrassing and stupid expressions to entertain you is proof I trust you and consider you a friend. When someone sends the same things to you, pat yourself on the back, because you have a friend. Enjoy it.

Second positive of SnapChat is that it’s an attractiveness thermometer. Let me explain. Say you’re a young lady, and you are SnapChating with a guy that you like and think is cute. It’s all going great until he sends a face to you that makes you stop and double check your priorities. You think, “Wow, that’s a… face. He’s real cute but that face is just, wow.” Now you’re checking the attractiveness thermometer. After that, do you still find him attractive? If the board dings “YES” then awesome, you just made it through one of the first big steps of a potential relationship: seeing your significant other at their worst. If you can handle that look on him and you still are attracted to him, bravo. Here’s the best part: depending on what faces you’ve sent, he’s probably gone through the exact same thing. Does he still think your attractive? Probably, so don’t sweat it.

Lastly, it’s just a lot of fun. It becomes an interesting way to see vastly different sides of people that you didn’t expect, plus the hilarity of it all is a great icebreaker.

Snap away friends. Snap away.

Disclaimer: I know there have been reports recently about people using SnapChat to send inappropriate things, so you need to have some discretion. Just like any social media, practice some safety measures. Don’t give your address to strangers, be mindful of who you chat with, etc. Don’t be stupid. 

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