What Dancing at Weddings Taught Me About God

If there’s one thing Captain Jack Sparrow and I have in common, it’s our love of weddings (extra points to you if you get the reference). Everyone loves a wedding. It’s an occasion of joy and celebration that floods the air with the sweetness of heaven. Plus, there is usually awesome food, dancing, and friends.

In the past, I enjoyed weddings because I got to see two people deeply love start their life together, but that changed after this latest wedding. As I danced like a fool out under the lights and stars, singing “Shout” and poorly attempting the “Gangam Style”, I looked over the sea of people and saw joy on everyone’s faces. It was beautiful not because just two people were happy, but because it invited everyone to share the happiness with them. This is what God does when we come into relationship with his son, he invites us to dance with him and share in the joy of his love for us.

When I saw the infectious love displayed by the bride and groom soak the air and people around them, I prayed that my relationship with God would be as apparent to others as the love I saw that night. In that moment I realized that weddings are not all about the bride and groom. It’s about showing everyone the love God has for us in the picture of a man and a woman committing to each other over all others. God has committed himself to love us alone, and he’s asking us to dance and share in that love. It’s an amazing thing to think about.

One thing we can never forget is that every fresh breath is a gift from God, and every gift comes with His invitation for us to enter into relationship with him. We cannot lose sight of the daily love God pours on us, because when we do forget it we lose perspective on the important things he’s put into our life. When we live in full awareness of God’s love, we can love others more effectively.

Man, weddings are fantastic.

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