The Perfection of Imperfection

Do you ever have a bad day? I don’t mean a bad day as in I cracked a nail or my car broke down, I mean a spiritually bad or trying day. We suffer a crisis, or we feel our minds are far from God, far from the pursuing of holiness, and far from what…More

What Makes You Beautiful

This was originally a guest post on The Warrior Princess blog run by Wana Chinsembu out of Namibia, Africa. She contacted me with the idea of doing a guest post for her on beauty, specifically from a man’s point of view. I hope it’s an encouragement and give Wana a follow on Twitter @Wana_Banana19. I know, the…More

A Reminder We All Need

Image via We never give ourselves enough credit. I’m guilty of this every day. We tell ourselves or we let the enemy convince us that we aren’t worthy of love, that we aren’t capable of love, or that we don’t have anything worthwhile to give to the world. This simply isn’t true. You are worth…More