Enjoying the Little Things

I’ve been reviewing some of may latest posts and I’ve noticed something about them: they all seem to have an sliver of darkness running through them. There is some powerful imagery, some pretty strong words, and honestly, my mind was in a more serious and introspective place at the time, so my writing reflected it. Lately though I’ve been evaluating the good things in life, the little things that bring a smile to your face and a small jump in your spirit. I’ve discovered in my life that I’m not very hard to please. I don’t need a 80 inch TV, a huge house, or 10 pairs of shoes to make me happy. These are some of the little things that I enjoy (in no particular order of significance).

1. Sitting in my chair and listening to records.
2. Good and edifying conversation.
3. The sound of a piano playing alone.
4. The way a dog is always excited to see you no matter what.
5. The fact that no matter how old you get, Mom’s cooking never gets old.
6. Seeing someone you’ve spent time investing in grow.
7. Hammocks on cool fall days.
8. Handwritten letters.
9. Discounts.
10. How quickly the Bible will answer the question you were struggling with.
11. Seeing prayer answered.
12. Snorting uncontrollable laughter.
13. An ice cold Dr Pepper or A&W Root Beer.
14. Calvin and Hobbes comics.
15. Dogs that cuddle up with you on the couch.
16. Vanilla Lattes.
17. French press coffee.
18. The feeling of a warm bed on a cool morning.
19. Air conditioning.
20. Netflix.
21. Getting an actual phone call instead of a text or tweet from someone you love talking to.
22. How everything in life can be related to a Seinfeld episode.
23. Christopher Walken impressions.
24. Mythbusters marathons.
25. Meeting new people.
26. Funny tweets.
27. Second chances.
28. Being told that one of your ideas is good.
29. Getting completely in the zone while writing.
30. Holding hands.
31. Losing weight.
32. Naps.
33. The smell of a cookout.
34. Kisses (the real kind).
35. Getting sucked into a book.
40. Singing in the car.
41. Being listened to.
42. Shooting guns.
43. Steak.
44. Riding bikes.
45. Chick-fil-a.
46. Fall weather.
47. Liking someone/being liked.
48. The moment when you put your music on shuffle and one of your favorite songs comes on first.
49. The moment when your put your music on shuffle and the song that perfectly fits your mood comes on first.
50. Lists.

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