Jesus Was A Weird Guy, And I’m OK With That

Jesus isn’t white. Nor is he American. Sorry to bust your bubble. Everyone has their own views of Jesus, and some of them are more well developed than others, but most of us are probably nowhere near what he really is. Reading the Gospels, you see Jesus as an enigma, a paradox wrapped in complete…More

The Thin Line of Discipline

One thing this person isn’t disciplined about? Wearing weather appropriate clothing. You’re in the desert bro. There comes a time in a persons life that the concept of discipline becomes a strange enigma of pros and cons. While discipline is always something to strive for, ¬†it often proves to be too difficult because people can’t…More

The Link Between "Heavyweights" and "Dodgeball"

I love the movie Heavyweights. It’s the perfect camp movie. It has everything: blobs, Apache Relays, awkward dances, sports and eating montages, a brilliantly un-Disney script penned by Judd Apatow, and of course the hilariously quotable villain Tony Perkis played by Ben Stiller. It’s a 90’s classic. The most memorable thing about the film is…More