Things I Am Tired of in the Movies

The movies are something that builds upon previous work. Techniques and ideas are expanded upon, copied, ripped off, and parodied over and over again. Hollywood likes to go through trends, and these trends can die out and be resurrected repeatedly. If you look at Hollywood history, you’ll notice trends all over the place, whether it…More

Do Christians Have To Make Bad Movies?

I love the movies. There is something about the movies that is magical. What makes the movies so brilliant is they can entertain and yet tell us a lot of things about ourselves. They can entertain, inspire, thrill, terrify, and make us laugh and cry. I’ve seen good and bad movies in terms of both…More

Pipes, People Reading and Broken Controllers

I love pipes. Not PVC or organ pipes, I mean tobacco pipes. There’s just something about them that attracts me. ¬†Maybe its the distinct and wonderful smell that hits you whenever I walk into a pipe store, or maybe it’s the almost ritualistic and methodical way that they are cleaned and packed and maintained, maybe…More

Realistic Expectations

I have a confession to make: I’ve never tithed on a regular basis. Call it laziness, call it apathy, call it forgetfulness, or call it embarrassment because of lack of money to give, whatever you choose; but the point is I haven’t. For the longest time I never let my mind really dive into the…More