Kevin McCallister Could Have Been A Murderer

The Home Alone films are some of the most popular Christmas movies of the past 25 years (except for 3 and 4, they are terrible). The reason these films were successful was because Kevin McCallister was instantly relatable to kids. Kevin was the youngest child who was constantly ridiculed and ignored by the older kids…More

A Conversation with George Lucas

*Recently revised I recently was given the one in a lifetime opportunity to sit down and talk with the man known none other than George Lucas. As a huge Star Wars and Indiana Jones fan, I will be honest and say that I had brought a change of pants along with me just in case…More

A Simple Yet Profound Fact That We’ve Taken For Granted

Think about it for a second; what do you KNOW as a fact? That gravity exists, that two plus two will always equal four, that you can believe it’s not butter, the list goes on. But how often do we take those facts for granted? Most of us will never experience zero gravity, and those…More

Bad Movie Review: Batman The Movie

I’m going to first start this off by saying that I unashamedly LOVE Batman. He’s my favorite comic book hero bar none. Everything about Batman is awesome. I would explain this love further, but if you have any common sense you will have to just come to the same conclusion I did. Think of it…More