• Mighty God of Small Things

    Another (probably poor) attempt at poetry. Lord, you walked across the stormy sea Healed the sick and restored the lame Commanded the wind and set souls free Countless miracles, all done for your name. Why do I struggle to trust You When my giants are minuscule in your sight And my sinful ego makes my…More

  • On the nature of scribbles

    There are a great many logical and noble reasons for having children, just as there are a great many “logical” and “noble” reasons for not having them. One reason that often goes unspoken, at the risk of sounding like some kind of cruel and selfish lunatic, is that children are the purest and best form…More

  • Andor has made me believe in Star Wars again

    Season one has wrapped, and I believe Andor is the best Star Wars content since the Original Trilogy. Here are some reasons why. Tony Gilroy When I heard that Gilroy was going to be the showrunner for the series, I was initially surprised. Why? Because Gilroy isn’t a “Star Wars guy”. He’s gone on record…More

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Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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